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Launched in 2008 and published in partnership with Emerald Insight, one of the world’s largest academic and professional publishers, the Journal of Place Management and Development is now a top international peer-reviewed journal, taken by over 2,000 institutions worldwide. Publishing both academic and practitioner articles, the JPMD is available free of charge to IPM members. You can find the latest issue and entire back-catalogue here.

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MSc Place Management & Leadership students visit Altrincham

Summary of MSc Place Management & Leadership students visit Altrincham

Pop-up Retailing: Managerial and Strategic Perspectives

Over the last few years many town and city centres have benefited from pop-up retail, and many place managers have used its activating effect to great advantage. In a new book, Professor Gary Warnaby (Institute of Place Management, Manchester Metropolitan University) and Dr. Charlotte Shi (School of Art and Design, Nottingham Trent University) undertake a rigorous analysis of the ‘pop up’ phenomenon, drawing on theory from retail store environments/atmospherics, customer experience management and event management.

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