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Launched in 2008 and published in partnership with Emerald Insight, one of the world’s largest academic and professional publishers, the Journal of Place Management and Development is now a top international peer-reviewed journal, taken by over 2,000 institutions worldwide. Publishing both academic and practitioner articles, the JPMD is available free of charge to IPM members. You can find the latest issue and entire back-catalogue here.

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Business Tourists’ Perceptions of Nation Brands and Capital City Brands: A comparison between Dublin, Republic of Ireland and Cardiff, Wales

Business tourism is of great relevance to places seeking to act competitively in global markets. New article by Dr Heather Skinner

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6 new Senior Fellows announced

Find out who has got our highest award this year

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Congratulations to the NABMA Class of 2017

19 market managers and officers successfully complete the Diploma in Market Administration