Participatory Urban Development - July 2018 CPD

PDF document for July 2018 CPD

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Title: Participatory urban development

Authors: Ares Kalandides

Date: 2018-07-13T00:00:00

Type: CPD



PDF containing July 2018 CPD theme, questions, and instructions on how to send your responses to us.  

This month the focus of CPD is on participatory urban development. 

IPM Director Professor Ares Kalandides has recently published an article that deals with two main issues relating to this topic. 

Kalandides, A. (2018) “Citizen participation: towards a framework for policy assessment”, Journal of Place Management and Development, 11(2), pp.152-164. 


Other comment: This is a CPD resource

Keywords: CPD, participatory placemaking, policy, citizenship

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