Scattergram of 201 vitality and viability factors

Results of ESRC-funded HSUK2020 project.

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Title: Scattergram showing all 201 vitality and viability factors

Authors: Cathy Parker, Simon Quin, Nikos Ntounis and Steve Millington

Type: Infographic


This scattergram is a result of the ESRC-funded 'High Street UK 2020' project and shows all the 201 factors that impact upon the vitality and viability of the high street. 

Each factor is plotted and the scattergram will tell you:

1. How much influence the factor has over the vitality and viability of the high street

2. How much influence local high street stakeholders have over the factor.

The scattergram is divided into quadrants - so you can quickly see the factors you can influence locally that will improve vitality and viability.

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Scattergram of 201 factors that impact upon vitality and viability. Institute of Place Management.


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Keywords: high street, vitality and viability, HSUK2020, scattergram, 201 factors

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