June 2018 CPD


June 2018

IPM CPD is back!

The purpose of CPD (continuing professional development) is to help members develop their skills as professionals in the sector.  All professional bodies expect their members to keep their knowledge and skills up to date - and we are no exception. However, we want CPD to be relevant and meaningful.  This month the focus of CPD is on submitting evidence to an inquiry.

Place managers are often called to give evidence, especially to local planning consultations and appeals. However, this month place managers are being asked to give evidence to a national review of the high street, something that is very relevant to our sector. Therefore, this month's CPD will give you support in writing a submission. You can download the resource here.

Submissions need to be in by 22nd June 2018 - so there is not much time.  We anticipate writing a submission will take around 3 hours. It could take longer depending on what evidence you need to find to support your argument. We will allocate 500 CPD points if you email ipm@mmu.ac.uk and let us know you have submitted.  Full details are in the guidance document. Good luck!