Inclusive Placemaking Conference - Accepted topics now published

List of invited presentation topics - more conference details here 

The effects of austerity and social deprivation upon placemaking and community practices

  • A case study investigation within Skelmersdale, a town labelled as socially deprived
  • Urban experiments in times of crisis: The case of Svolou’s neighbourhood initiative in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • An altruistic approach in times of austerity: the case of GiveandTakeCare as a community-led model to contribute to the solution of the older adult social care crisis 

Placemaking, festivals and events

  • The role of festivals in placemaking: Creating future cultural hotspots that residents are proud to call home
  • The role and value of small-scale cultural events in market towns
  • Light festivals and inclusive placemaking in Northern England: The Ordsall Lantern Procession
  • Light art and festivals: Invigorating and defamiliarising place

Placemaking, anchor institutions and public spaces (Special Track)

  • Placemaking and the third role of a University: Case study of the first university in Siberia (Tomsk State University)
  • Letting the outside in: everyday strategies for building the commons and community engagement in parks and museums
  • Inclusive placemaking: Placing the Christian Church in a digital age
  • A museum for Manchester, or a museum of Manchester?
  • Museums and the new public realm: The case of the Municipal Art Gallery in Athens, Greece
  • MONA – Taming the wild child
  • Public spaces at the core of inclusive post-apartheid cities
  • Creativity and placemaking, as a tool of engagement and transforming place identity - Placemaking in Woodruff Park
  • The role of football museums vis-à-vis city development and country reputation  

Placemaking, arts and culture

  • Creative placemaking using music: Supporting the development of a community-led approach to music policy in the city of Liverpool, UK
  • Community-bonding and place-making function of music in the strategies of creative cities
  • Creative placemaking: a typology of placemaking through the prism of arts practices and processes
  • Facts and myths of creative placemaking in Poland
  • Our house in the middle of the street: A community arts project in Southwark

Placemaking: Business Improvement Districts and business networks (Special Track)

  • BIDs in Germany - structure and challenges
  • Remaking places through a framework for action: Repositioning, reinventing, rebranding and restructuring
  • Inclusive placemaking practices of small business owners
  • Carlisle food, family and place: it’s complicated - Inclusive placemaking considering business as actors in local communities
  • When BIDs do housing and housing does BIDS
  • Driving inclusive placemaking in Albania: AADF and the new BID movement
  • Exploring community in the context of independent co-operative food retailers
  • Supporting local shopping provisioning through the creation of a sense of place: The role of networks and networking
  • Inclusive placemaking for Colmore BID: An incremental approach to co-producing civic space
  • Breaking down barriers to resident engagement and involvement: Brixton BID
  • Improving the customer experience in BIDs and retail areas: Storecheckers
  • Walking in Central London - Challenges and opportunities

Edible placemaking

  • Healthy places and healthy profit: A behavioural science and consumer health approach to improving local food environments
  • Developing an incredible sustainable local food economy for the future
  • Inclusive practices of solidarity in an era of [suburban] austerity

Placemaking and place marketing (Special Track)

  • Extraordinary everyday Barossa – Place marketing and promotion for rural communities
  • Questioning the rhetoric of inclusivity in the co-creation of city brands through Bourdieu’s field-capital lens
  • How marketing can help shape a place
  • Complex re-positioning of a themed street in Budapest serving the wellbeing of locals and tourists
  • Exploring place branding in social enterprise places: The City of Salford experience
  • The unsustainability of place marketing scholarship: a critical literature review
  • The role and relationship between place branding and prosperity of the city
  • Big data opportunities for place brand measurement
  • The Chipping Norton experience

Placemaking and governance

  • Exploring a theoretical framework for examining the influence of place attachment on community leaders in the Barossa Region of South Australia
  • The evolution of placemaking in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia
  • Challenges facing public urban green space: is statute the answer?
  • Placemaking from a Critical Management Studies Perspective: Alternative forms of organising space and place
  • Exploring the impact of evolutionary change in the pursuit of commercial vitality and viability

Placemaking processes and strategies

  • Strategies for inclusive placemaking
  • Stakeholder detection into peripheral cities development program
  • Strategic vision as a direction for place development: case of Russian municipalities
  • Network communitarianism as a tool for stakeholder engagement in places
  • Finding a common ground for meaningful placemaking in a multicultural, post-colonial context
  • Exploring theoretical trends in placemaking: Towards new perspectives

Placemaking case-studies

  • We do things differently here: A case study of placemaking in Buxton
  • How to create an inclusive and sustainable place for all in the North of Amsterdam?
  • “Learn by doing” practice from Municipality of Agios Nikolaos in Crete, Greece
  • Practices of placemaking in Berlin’s emerging fashion industries: creative fields, and the structuring role of social events.

Placemaking and tourism

  • Inclusive place-making in Mediterranean coastal tourism destinations
  • Leveraging event tourism to achieve competitive advantage in small post-industrial UK cities
  • Tourism, place and the market: Exploring authenticity as value creation 
  • Tourism, place and power: Local experiences of tourism development 

Placemaking, design and infrastructure 

  • New daylight & sunlight guidance for communities to thrive in urban environments
  • A streetcar that's desired: Magnifying place in light rail contexts
  • Beyond the concrete bollard: Innovative urban furniture and security in public space
  • From space to place: The revitalization of BEST

Placemaking, digital and data

  • Placemaking patterns, rhythms and flows: understanding how people use places
  • The role of Facebook in relation to the development of diverse place narratives
  • The role of digital and social media in placemaking                
  • A case study on a digital skills and capacity-building intervention that helped a high street community thrive in the face of a neighbouring mega-development
  • From Darth Vader to Joey Tribbiani: A personality change for Pakistan and Iran in virtual space?

* Whilst we have accepted abstracts on these topics from authors – not all may register and speak at the conference.  Therefore we suggest you keep an eye on the confirmed speaker list that will be available from the beginning of August at