Help us develop place management apprenticeships

Market Students 950 X 400

The Institute of Place Management would like to invite you to a place management and development employers' forum, hosted by Sheffield City Council, on 30th January 2018, 2 to 5pm.  The forum will explore the potential for apprenticeships to provide skilled personnel for Local Authorities, Business Improvement Districts, regeneration/development companies and other place partnerships. Members of IPM will be given preference if the event is over subscribed.

During the meeting we will assess whether apprenticeship standards can support a range of place management and development organisations deliver transformative place change. The idea is to create professionals that can work across traditional silos and functions.

The Institute of Place Management, in consultation with employers including Sheffield City Council and both Brixton and Norwich Business Improvement Districts, believe new apprenticeship standards are needed because there is currently nothing that supports the type of place-focused and cross-sector work that organisations that are responsible for delivering sustainable, successful and better places need.

Fairer economic development, vibrant culture, place identity and distinctiveness, resilience, sustainability, liveability, smart efficiencies, engaged stakeholders and a participatory society are just some of the place outcomes that are being aspired to, but these require cultural change and new forms of knowledge, skills and behaviours in employees if they are to be achieved.

If you are interested in attending this event, please visit the main site to access the eventbrite link and see the draft agenda–-employers’-forum/


The picture shows a cohort of Manchester Metropolitan University on a study trip to London. Credit : D Leaver.